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Today I wanted to talk to you a little about color and how it’s not quite as scary as you might think. Running a clothing store, I get so many ladies who are seriously terrified of mixing color so they either A: stick with the exact same color or B: try no color at all. In all seriousness, I’ve met someone who bought $300 of mint items. While I completely get it, I hate it. I want everyone to embrace the fact that God made a million (and 1) colors and not just the ones that are in the rainbow. As women, we get the opportunity to wear as many as we want without looking ridiculous. Guys don’t get that option so let’s embrace it!


While it can be a little scary (I’ve been there!!), I also want you all to feel super comfortable with trying new things and not feel overwhelmed. Take a cue from the girl with crazy eyeliner, tattered clothing, and a mohawk, and stop caring so much what others think. If you aren’t sure of what colors are suitable together, look at how I did it. I chose the scarf because it’s not too bright (and actually even lighter in real life) and because it has yellow in it. The yellow in the scarf matched the light yellow in my wedges which completely goes together. Then, my baby blue top and pink completely compliment the yellow because they’re not too bright.

Now, if I were to wear a pair of bright pink pants with the blue top and yellow scarf, it would be a little overbearing. Always remember to keep at least 1 item neutral. Since I had yellow & baby blue on top, I kept it a little more neutral in my pants and shoes (with a tiny pop of color!) Likewise, if I would’ve worn baby blue pants, a white blouse would’ve looked great with the scarf. It’s all about balance!





Now, since we’re on the subject of color you must know that I haven’t always been a believer. There was a time when I was the girl in the drab black, gray, and brown outfits and I certainly didn’t find myself “girly.” There was even a time when I wore XL tee shirts and shorts because I wanted to be “comfy.” Did you know that’s probably the reason that you’re grumpy? Yep..I said that. When you don’t take care of yourself, you don’t feel good about yourself. When you don’t feel good about yourself, you can get seriously pissy. I was that girl.

Now, you can’t get me away from color – even at the gym. I’ve been deemed Workout Barbie at times and hey, that’s fine with me! The only items I own that aren’t bright colors are my denim, some of my more neutral shoes, 1 gray bag, and my workout pants.


This handbag is on sale for $39! 



When it comes to wearing color, embrace it! Skim through your favorite style mags (People Style Watch is a great one!) and see what the celebs and the stylists are pairing together. Run to your closet and see if you have those colors and just become brave! Become a better version of yourself. I promise you’ll feel better and , if you don’t, watch this lady.


Outfit – Top: Francesca’s / Jeans: American Eagle 

Accessories – Handbag: JustFab (on sale for over 50% off!!) / Shoes: Calvin Klein / Necklace: Forever 21 /

Bracelet: Frock Candy (similar for under $15!) / Scarf: ℅ Lolly

I’d love to see how you’re mixing and matching your color, so tag me on IG @SecretiveStyle or you can use #SecretiveStyle! Need help? You can always drop me a line by clicking on that little Contact tab at the top of the page. Oh, and you can see a few more photos by clicking here.

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Wednesday Wishlist: C Wonder


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Bracelet | Bracelet | Wrap Bracelet | Earrings | Scarf | Clutches | Belt | Keychain | Flats | Pillow

If you were inside my head, you’d see all brights. I’m seriously finding myself daydreaming of the spring weather. Everything from bright blouses to extremely gorgeous Trina Turk bikinis and poolside daiquiris has completely taken over my mind these days. The weather here was extremely amazing and then, all of a sudden, boom..a cold front. I hate it.

When I visited C Wonder, their new arrivals section had me day dreaming intensely. It’s probably a good thing that there isn’t a physical C Wonder store anywhere near where I live because I’d literally be broke. My house would feel like a C Wonder shrine. I can’t wait to grab some of their newest goodies. I’m thinking definitely the belt, the flats, and I absolutely need to have one of the clutches.

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