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Happy Saturday! I wanted to share a little goodie from this past week. Pickie featured my Spring Style Picks on their website and I’d love for you to check it out. Obviously, I’m craving statement necklaces, short + blazer suits, black + white combos, lucite heels, bright blouses, and printed pants. I’ve chosen six of my favorite spring must haves for Pickie. You can check them out, here.

About Pickie: Designed for the iPad, Pickie is a personalized shopping magazine. In the Catalogs category Pickie is a top 25 app and one of the ’10 Essential apps’ selected by Apple.

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Wednesday Wishlist: C Wonder


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Bracelet | Bracelet | Wrap Bracelet | Earrings | Scarf | Clutches | Belt | Keychain | Flats | Pillow

If you were inside my head, you’d see all brights. I’m seriously finding myself daydreaming of the spring weather. Everything from bright blouses to extremely gorgeous Trina Turk bikinis and poolside daiquiris has completely taken over my mind these days. The weather here was extremely amazing and then, all of a sudden, boom..a cold front. I hate it.

When I visited C Wonder, their new arrivals section had me day dreaming intensely. It’s probably a good thing that there isn’t a physical C Wonder store anywhere near where I live because I’d literally be broke. My house would feel like a C Wonder shrine. I can’t wait to grab some of their newest goodies. I’m thinking definitely the belt, the flats, and I absolutely need to have one of the clutches.

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What’s on your wishlist today?

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Color Coordinating

Coral + Turquoise {www.SecretiveStyle.com} #style #coral #white #turquoise #brighthousebaubles

Top: Forever 21 / Jeans: American Eagle {currently $29.99 on all denim} / Shoes: ℅ GoJane /

Necklace: ℅ Brighthouse Baubles {free shipping}/

Bracelet: Dillard’s {similar here and here} / Sunnies: Ray Ban

Coral + Turquoise {www.SecretiveStyle.com} #style #coral #white #turquoise #brighthousebaubles

Coral + Turquoise {www.SecretiveStyle.com} #style #coral #white #turquoise #brighthousebaubles

Coral + Turquoise {www.SecretiveStyle.com} #style #coral #white #turquoise #brighthousebaubles

Coral + Turquoise {www.SecretiveStyle.com} #style #coral #white #turquoise #brighthousebaubles

As soon as I received my new Brighthouse Baubles necklace in the mail, I knew instantly what I would wear it with.

Like I’ve said before, I haven’t always been a very “colorful” person. Back in the gap, I only wore blacks and grays..yuck, I know. I’m not even quite sure why. Maybe it was because I didn’t particularly want to stand out (not that I want to any more nowadays) or maybe it was because I didn’t know how to wear colorful clothes. I mean, I’ll be honest, it doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult. But, truth be told, it kind of is if you don’t know where to begin.

I remember the first turquoise necklace I bought. Actually, I still own (and wear it) to this day. It’s nothing exciting or extraordinary, just a simple long necklace with turquoise, coral, and tan beads. Back in high school, I thought it was the most stylish thing I had ever laid my eyes on. Throughout the years, I just haven’t wanted to let it go and I’ve found different ways to wear it. It’s actually really cute and goes with so much so what’s the point in throwing it out? It’s held up for what..6/7 years? Wow.

I think the reason that I’ve yet to throw it out is because it reminds me of a time when something so simple meant so much to me. That one small pop of color brought a lifetime of happiness to so many outfits that were just plain..well, plain. I worked at a restaurant my senior year of high school and my hostess uniform was all black. That simple turquoise necklace changed everything. Man, that necklace made me feel stylish. Maybe I haven’t wanted to toss it because it reminds me of a time before I felt confident enough to wear the world’s brightest colors and not give a mess what people thought.

Regardless, that necklace was the first time I was brave enough to wear brights together. After noticing that the beads were coral and turquoise with a nude accompanying color, I felt so excited and creative. I thought “hey, I’m going to give this a shot – to hell with what people are going to think!” When you live in a town where there are no red lights and your class only has 20 people, these kind of outfits just draw negative attention. But, I’ll never forget the first time I wore coral and turquoise together. As crazy as it sounds, it’s still my favorite outfit to this day. So, naturally, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear with my new necklace from Brighthouse Baubles.

Whether you’re an avid color-creative enthusiast or you’re a newbie wanting to experience what wearing bright colors can bring to your life, just go for it. My advice is to never care what anyone thinks. Granted, you might get looks. Yes, you might will stand out. But, let me tell you something…those people who are staring at you only wish they had the confidence to wear those kind of things. Plus, the world’s brightest colors instantly put you in a good mood.

I guess what I’m saying is…why not?

PS: Make sure to check out my feature in Dig Baton Rouge by Jennifer of Haute off the Rack

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