Beauty Talk: PurMinerals



Today, I want to talk about my beauty routine and how it’s nothing less than complicated. I wake up for work at 6AM and I take at least an hour to get ready. My makeup routine always includes foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, highlighter, and mascara. So, when I was asked to try out PurMinerals I thought that I might like it but there would be no way I’d ever want to change my routine. I’m admitting to being wrong.


When I received it, I figured I’d try it out on a Saturday when I didn’t have to worry about my makeup disappointing me. I’d hate to wear something to work that ended up looking blotchy and not be able to fix it. I was also unsure about how I would go about showing the difference until I started applying the product. As soon as I started applying the Pressed Mineral Foundation to the right side of my face, it hit me. I couldn’t believe the difference it made just from a five second application. Know those strange little veins you can see on your eyelids without makeup on? Well, the pressed foundation covered that up like I had applied a pore-clogging liquid foundation and concealer. It’s a miracle product.

Rather than applying liquid foundation, concealer, and powder, I only applied the Pressed Mineral Foundation – that’s IT! I then added PurMinerals eyeshadow in Free Spirit and I’ll be extremely honest with you: I don’t wear eyeshadow. Know why? Because it dries out my eyelids to the point where they literally hurt (yes, even MAC, Estee Lauder, & Lancome products!) While this pain is not exactly desirable, it wasn’t enough to make me resist giving PurMinerals a shot. I’ve now worn the eyeshadow on three different occasions, from 6AM until almost 8PM and I haven’t had one single problem. It lasted ALL day until I literally washed it off. And, their Big Blink Mascara works like a charm, lengthening my eyelashes to unbelievable lengths.

IMG_4725Needless to say, I have forgone my usual routine and used PurMinerals everyday since last Saturday. I haven’t missed my foundation OR my concealer, which is weird for me to even say. My skin is also thanking me because not only is PurMinerals a miracle beauty product, it also has no harsh chemicals, petroleum based oils, or fragrances!

You can learn more about PurMinerals, here.

What’s your beauty routine/favorite product? Let’s chat! I want to hear about it and what type of products you love to use the most.

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What’s In My Bag?



Ever since Melie Bianco so graciously sent me their “Jill” cross body, my Coach bag has pretty much taken a far second place to it. While it may be small, never judge a book by its cover. When I first received it, I thought that it’d be ideal for shopping in New Orleans, nights on Bourbon Street, or for times when I just don’t feel like carrying my bag. I was so wrong. This bag is useful for so much more and I absolutely love it.

Our 5 month old Golden Retriever is a little bit hyper (he’s still just a pup) so when we go for a run and I need my house and gate keys, this bag is ideal. I also love to wear it grocery shopping (I hate taking up the front space of the buggy with my larger Coach bags), and for running errands. I even like to wear it to the salon because who wants to put a $600 purse on the hair-infested floor? Not this girl.

I love it mostly because I can fit so much more into it than meets the eye. I’m a little obsessed with brushing my hair. I have a mild panic attack if it’s messy, I’ll admit it. So, I love to carry around my small Estee Lauder comb/mirror compact. I also always have my iPhone, Ray Bans, keys, ID/debit cards, and lipsticks. It’s a HUGE plus that I still have room for extra bobby pins, my fave Essie nail polish for touchups on the go, and a little sampler of perfume for dinner dates.

It’s amazing and insanely affordable. Grab yours here.

What’s your must-have item?

PS: Hope the world is still here today! :)