What’s In My Bag?



Ever since Melie Bianco so graciously sent me their “Jill” cross body, my Coach bag has pretty much taken a far second place to it. While it may be small, never judge a book by its cover. When I first received it, I thought that it’d be ideal for shopping in New Orleans, nights on Bourbon Street, or for times when I just don’t feel like carrying my bag. I was so wrong. This bag is useful for so much more and I absolutely love it.

Our 5 month old Golden Retriever is a little bit hyper (he’s still just a pup) so when we go for a run and I need my house and gate keys, this bag is ideal. I also love to wear it grocery shopping (I hate taking up the front space of the buggy with my larger Coach bags), and for running errands. I even like to wear it to the salon because who wants to put a $600 purse on the hair-infested floor? Not this girl.

I love it mostly because I can fit so much more into it than meets the eye. I’m a little obsessed with brushing my hair. I have a mild panic attack if it’s messy, I’ll admit it. So, I love to carry around my small Estee Lauder comb/mirror compact. I also always have my iPhone, Ray Bans, keys, ID/debit cards, and lipsticks. It’s a HUGE plus that I still have room for extra bobby pins, my fave Essie nail polish for touchups on the go, and a little sampler of perfume for dinner dates.

It’s amazing and insanely affordable. Grab yours here.

What’s your must-have item?

PS: Hope the world is still here today! :)

Reader Requested: My Many Lip Colors

Since I started this site, I’ve had an influx of readers who are curious about the lip colors I wear in my photos. It wasn’t until the past year that I actually developed a beauty routine and even then, that didn’t involve wearing lip color. I was always the girl who didn’t see fit to wear bookoos of makeup so I would throw on some lipgloss or chap stick (I know, I know.) I was always worrying what others would think if this girl who never wore makeup all of a sudden had bright red lipstick or winged eyeliner on. Obviously, I’ve shed my shyness and have gained a sense of femininity I never quite knew existed. I thought I was a girlie-girl before. Man, was I wrong. These days, I can’t own enough pink and I actually look forward to putting my makeup on. It’s gotten quite ridiculous, actually.

When it comes to budgeting, I get it. You can trust me on that one. However, I have found that there are some things you just can not skimp on. While I do love my CoverGirl, I also love Estee Lauder, MAC, and Elizabeth Arden. My entire makeup bag is a melting pot of drugstore swear-bys and high-end hopefuls. I’ve found that you can hit up the local Walgreens and snag some amazing lip colors but, at the same time, it’s always fun to splurge a little on those department store goodies. Spend the extra $10-15, treat yourself to something beautiful, and love it. You will feel 100% better and you’ll notice a little more “pep” in your step. Plus, lip color is the perfect accessory on those days that you feel under the weather. The photos that follow are the lip colors you will always see me in, rain or shine.

I only recently started wearing red lipstick when one of my best girlfriends lent me her’s for the evening during my bachelorette party. It’s not that I ever had anything against the hue, I just hadn’t given it a chance. I always thought it would look like I had too much makeup on. You’ll usually see this color on me if I’m out for dinner with the hubby. In this photo, I am wearing CoverGirl #305 “Hot Passion” outlined with MAC Lip Pencil in “Redd”. I also used MAC Tinted Lipglass in “Russian Red”. I found that by outlining my lips with concealer and powder really helps them to pop and gives them more of a defined line. I learned that from the fab Keiko Lynn – you might want to check her out, here.

I love this lip color because it’s light and super simple to maintain. If I’m not feeling a red but I’m still wanting something bright, this is the perfect color. In this photo, I’m wearing Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick #71 “Georgia Peach” (which looks identical to “Fiesta”) with Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipgloss #40 “Rose Emotion” to give it a little shine. It’s versatile enough for a girls night out, day spent in the office, or if you’re like me and sitting in the house on a rainy day gets you down – throw this color on for an instant pick-me-up!

I love this lip color because it’s the easiest to reapply while you’re out without having to take your time and blot, blot, blot. It’s actually more of a nude than the photo shows. I love this lipstick because it has a glossy feel and it doesn’t have a disgusting lipstick taste to it! My mother-in-law bought this lipstick for me years ago and I’ve been buying it over and over again ever since. In this photo, I’m wearing Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick  #03 “Crystal Pink”. If you’re not a big “lipstick” girl, I highly recommend this color! It’s like a stepping stone to the makeup world, crossed between a nude and a pink hue.

If you’re feeling a little fun, this color is the one you need. It is crossed between an orange and a red lip color and I love that about it. Perfect for summer, fall, and spring and an easy color to wear! I bought this color because I was running out of another coral colored lipstick my mother-in-law had bought me. Long story short, we went to Dillard’s to pick up a few more of the same color (Hi, I’m Kaitlin and I’m a makeup hoarder) and Estee Lauder had canceled the color. I decided to try a different coral and loved it but I’ll always want that one! In this photo, I’m wearing Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick #55 “Neoclassic Coral”.

My favorites (not shown worn: Emani “Blush” & Covergirl #385) + a gorgeous bib necklace ℅ Word Up by Jenny Guill

So, which one is your favorite? Do you love lipstick as much as I do?

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The Ultimate Beachy Bride Essentials

 Summer time is just around the corner and with that comes weddings and a lot of them. If you’re a blushing bride-to-be who is in dire need of some packing help, I’ve picked the most important essentials you’ll need for that beachy travel destination. I didn’t include lingerie because that’s more of personal preference but, please, do not forget those sexy essentials! Your husband will thank you later.

When on your honeymoon, you want and need to feel beautiful, sexy, and glamorous! With these gorgeous picks, you just might get mistaken for a celebrity. Most women will pack ten swimsuits and wear one, like I used to do. Obviously, we never end up wearing more than two of our favorites. Of those favorites should be a bridal white bikini (a little splurge goes a long way). Also, don’t forget the fabulous shades, fedora, and pastel J. Crew totes!

1: Vix Odette Top, Bottom

2: J. Crew

3: Rebecca Minkoff

4: Forever21

5: Michael Kors

6: J. Crew



Depending on which destination you decide on, daytime trekking is the ultimate honeymoon to-do. When I was in Maui, we made it our goal to tour the island forgoing dresses and heels and donning more comfy attire that you could wear your swimsuit under. Wouldn’t you hate to find the perfect waterfall and be caught wearing something you couldn’t remove to jump in? You don’t want to miss out on the fun! Comfortable (yet trendy) sandals and a leather crossbody are perfect for your adventurous side.

1: J. Crew

2: Madewell

3: Madewell

4: Steve Madden

5: Zara


Most honeymoons only last a few days and, let’s be honest, we all love to overpack with dresses that we would never in wear in reality. These four dresses are the perfect colors for spring and summer and all look gorgeous with a tan. It’s only necessary to pack a small amount of jewelry and one pair of nighttime heels/wedges. Make sure that the jewelry and shoes match every outfit you would wear them with. I was skeptical about trying this but when I went on my honeymoon, I followed my rules. I was super happy and I never regretted it. I wore a brown pair of wedges with the five dresses I brought (we stayed 7 nights!) You also have to think about the nights you don’t attend a fancy schmancy dinner. PS: PLEASE bring red lipstick. My favorite is this one by Estee Lauder! My husband loved it. Plus, you’ll need something to spruce up your look since you won’t be wearing a ton of jewelry (none is needed anyways).

1: ModCloth

2: TopShop

3: Jennifer Fisher

4: Sam Edelman

5: Estee Lauder

6: TopShop

7: TopShop

When packing for your honeymoon, pack 1 checked bag with as much of your and your husband’s clothing as you can. Then, whatever does not fit simply put into a carry on. You’ll save a ton of money and the headache waiting for you at baggage claim.

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xoxo, Kait