What’s In My Bag?



Ever since Melie Bianco so graciously sent me their “Jill” cross body, my Coach bag has pretty much taken a far second place to it. While it may be small, never judge a book by its cover. When I first received it, I thought that it’d be ideal for shopping in New Orleans, nights on Bourbon Street, or for times when I just don’t feel like carrying my bag. I was so wrong. This bag is useful for so much more and I absolutely love it.

Our 5 month old Golden Retriever is a little bit hyper (he’s still just a pup) so when we go for a run and I need my house and gate keys, this bag is ideal. I also love to wear it grocery shopping (I hate taking up the front space of the buggy with my larger Coach bags), and for running errands. I even like to wear it to the salon because who wants to put a $600 purse on the hair-infested floor? Not this girl.

I love it mostly because I can fit so much more into it than meets the eye. I’m a little obsessed with brushing my hair. I have a mild panic attack if it’s messy, I’ll admit it. So, I love to carry around my small Estee Lauder comb/mirror compact. I also always have my iPhone, Ray Bans, keys, ID/debit cards, and lipsticks. It’s a HUGE plus that I still have room for extra bobby pins, my fave Essie nail polish for touchups on the go, and a little sampler of perfume for dinner dates.

It’s amazing and insanely affordable. Grab yours here.

What’s your must-have item?

PS: Hope the world is still here today! :)

OOTD: Orange + White

What I Wore:

Top: Dillard’s (but I love this one from Topshop and this one from Urban Outfitters both under $40!)

Jeans: American Eagle (on sale for only $39.99!)

Shoes: Gianni Bini (similar)

Bag: Charming Charlie’s

Earrings: Dillard’s (similar for under $5!)

Love the way my shoes match so perfectly to my outfit!

I love the look of crisp white denim and a bright hue that really stands out against them. I obviously love this top – if you remember, I wore it here with dark denim skinnies. I chose this outfit over a black dress for a dinner date with the hubby in New Orleans. We had a few drinks at Tropical Isle on Bourbon Street before heading to GW Fins for dinner. I highly suggest trying GW Fins’ swordfish, apple pie, and chocolate martini if you’re in town. It was so delicious! I was originally mortified at the thought of wearing my white denim on Bourbon. If you’ve never been, the street is prone to collecting what we like to call “Bourbon Sludge” – it’s a disgusting mix of a lot of things and it definitely wouldn’t have a good turnout on white clothing. However, since I was wearing skinny jeans that were tight enough to stay on my ankles and four inch heels, it worked out perfectly fine.

What did you do over the weekend?

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I’m Back (and Married!)

It’s official: I’m a married woman!! I thought the day would never come and, I must say, it feels like an absolute fairytale. I wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments you had left on my previous post. I truly appeciate all of your love and well wishes. We had a fabulous wedding in New Orleans and while the professional photographs aren’t available at the moment, I wanted to share a few snapshots for the time being.

We had a beautiful rehearsal dinner, courtesy of my new in-laws at Olivier’s Restaurant in New Orleans. A few of our group decided to head to Bourbon Street afterwards to celebrate. Plus, John and I were trying to find any reason we could to spend a few extra hours together. Here are a few random snapshots of the night:


Our wedding day was something out of a fairytale book. The whole day I was the calmest I’ve ever been, only anxious to see my fiance. I woke up to beignets from Cafe du Monde. Throughout the day, John had chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne sent to my room. The in-laws even surprised us with a limo for my parents and I. Upon arrival to our venue, I was immediately blown away. John and I searched for a plantation for months until we found the one we fell in love with. If you’re looking for a New Orleans-esque wedding, you should definitely check out Southern Oaks Plantation. Not only did they cover everything, they also coordinated every minute and detail. My only worries consisted of the cake, the bouquets, and the photographer. They became our best friends in just one night, offering a cold glass of champagne every time I turned around and tending to my every need (of which I had none). 

Everyone told me wedding planning was stressful. This is definitely not the case with Southern Oaks, especially when your vendors are so amazing. Here are a few snapshots of the evening:

There you have it, a little tiny bit of our fairytale. I’ll be posting honeymoon details this week also with a few risque shots that weren’t posted on facebook.


Mrs. Fontenot

PS : Thanks to my friends for letting me snag their shots from the big night!