Confessions of a Fashion Blogger


When you’re a child, you always get the same question:
What would you like to be when you grow up?”

Unfortunately for me, that question held my whole world. When I was a small child, I was obsessed with all things marine life. From dolphins to sharks, even down to the tiniest little creatures and plants, everything about it just seemed to fascinate me like no other. When I was in high school and started to get the question: “What are you going to go to college for?” I always responded: Marine Biology. I had it all planned out: summer internships with Sea World in Orlanda, major in Biology, move on to be a Marine Biologist, spend the rest of my life chasing dolphins and swimming with whales. I’ve swam with Bull Sharks in Mexico and played with dolphins. I’ve seen Humpback Whales up close and personal and even snorkeled amongst it all in Cancun. It all seemed so fantastic and so within reach. That is, until I fell in love.

Now please, don’t get me wrong. Being in love has been THE best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life and I (by far) wouldn’t trade it in for the world. It’s just that when I met my husband, I really thought I had it all planned out. I thought I’d be in Florida or California or, hell, even Hawaii by now. Never in a million years did I dream that I’d be in New Orleans, Louisiana. Things just seem to have a way of working out the way you never expected but wouldn’t mind. I guess at that time I never played with the idea of marriage and I certainly didn’t plan on meeting my prince charming the first day of college (once again, not that I mind!)


Today, I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing. That’s right, Marketing – which couldn’t be further from Marine Biology even if I tried. I’m certainly very proud of my degree and love what I do. I’ve been offered amazing opportunities that I couldn’t wait to take and not so amazing ones that I was forced to take. When I started this blog, I did it for fun. Now, I do it because I’m addicted and because I absolutely love feeling like I can throw everything I’m thinking onto this little page and it somehow resonates with all of you who feel the same as me.

Never in a million years did I think I’d be a fashion blogger – no, that just wasn’t me. It wasn’t in my “plan.” The funny thing is: plans change. You want to make God laugh? Tell him those plans you think you’ve got all figured out. You have no control over them, but He does. I never thought that the most difficult part of being a fashion blogger would be simply standing out. Like the title, I feel like sometimes I’m in a room filled with others who have the same dream of being a big time fashion blogger, jumping up and down yelling “hey, look at me, over here!” Some days those feelings overwhelm me and other days I’m okay with it. Truth is, I know that it takes time. I guess sometimes you just get tired of waiting.


Over the past few times that I’ve posted Blogging 101 tips, I’ve received a million emails from my readers. Some of you wanted to thank me for sharing, some of you wanted a little advice, but most of you really just want to know how to stand out. When you think of the way that fashion blogging has taken over, there really is no good way of standing out in this huge relatively new horizon. I guess my best advice would be to be yourself. We don’t need a million Atlantic-Pacifics or Julia Engels. We need you. If we were all the same, Old Navy, Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Forever 21 would be the only stores standing right now. Be yourself, work hard, and stop over thinking and over analyzing every single social media move you make.

If you’ve ever read or, these ladies don’t give a f**k what anyone thinks. I mean really, they cuss their heads off – but they’re REAL. That’s what really brings in the readers. Whether you didn’t end up where you had once thought you’d be or you’re there already, just know that life has it’s funny way of working out. Sometimes it just takes time and a lot of hard work. In the end, those who are still left standing are those who wanted it so bad they thought of nothing else.

And, when you feel like giving up, you can all always email me for a vent sesh @

Thanks for reading, xo

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Striped Femininity






Top: Forever 21 / Pants: Banana Republic {30% off with code SPRINGAIR} / Vest: gifted Kirsten Blake via Pendleton {similar} / Shoes: Forever 21 / Clutch: ℅ MadisonElizabeth Co. / Necklace: Forever 21 / Earrings: ℅ BaubleBar / Bracelets: Forever 21, vintage, gifted 

Even though Valentine’s Day is behind us, I can’t help but keep the pinks and reds lingering around a little longer. I saw these pants in Banana Republic and fell in love with the fit and color. I’m absolutely obsessing over all kinds of printed and colored pants and denim lately and I’m totally okay with it. It seems like when you start venturing out and buying red, pink, blue, and purple pants (and every other color of the rainbow) your outfit options almost triple.

Seeing as I have to wear business attire Monday through Friday, my entire weekend wardrobe is the complete opposite. I cram in the most obnoxious amount of color that I can physically bear.

What colors are you loving lately?

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Baby Blues

side to side, from left to right

Banana Republic Trina Turk Box Clutch // Windsor Mint Chevron Striped Button Earrings // TopShop Premium Bonded Lace Dress // Steven by Steve Madden Eternnal Leather Flats // Zara Platform Peep-Toe // Trina Turk Ocean Riviera Cuff // Modcloth Made for Blue Bag // TopShop Moto Denim Hotpants // Gorjana Graham Leather Studded Caribbean Sea Triple Wrap Bracelet

I am seriously loving light blue hues for this summer. If you aren’t into the crazy bright colors, as some of us aren’t, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for a lighter hue of bright gorgeousness. These items are perfect for your summer wardrobe. Paired with neutrals, you can’t lose. Think of a white sheer blouse paired with the baby blue cutoffs or a pair of nude pumps with the lace dress. Either way, you can’t go wrong. If you’re more of a “plain Jane”, that’s okay too! Toss on the jewelry to add a necessary POP to your outfit – work, weekend, or date. The cross body from Modcloth is perfect with an LBD!

What’s your favorite hue this summer?

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