Kelly Green & Snakeskin

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Top: sold out (similar here) | Jacket: Boohoo, sold out (similar here) | Denim: American Eagle | Necklace: 12East {email for ordering information} | Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Happy Thursday! We’re finally all moved in (minus a few boxes left to unpack!) and so excited to be in a new city with our family and excited for new projects and my husband’s new job. Luckily our move was super easy and we have no complaints! Unfortunately, we’ve moved EVERY year since we got married in 2012 but it’s always fun and exciting seeing new places and meeting new people. Luckily, it’s always around the south. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyways, I’ve been obsessed with this coat lately! I love that it’s only three quarter sleeves and super thin so I can layer it for when it finally gets chilly and wear something thin underneath for when it’s a little bit warmer. And, I couldn’t resist wearing it with white! I’m totally against the whole “no white after Labor Day” rule and I love this pair from American Eagle because they’re super comfortable! Also, my top is sold out but I’ve linked a similar version, here, for $15!

On to the Next (Color)



Top: similar for under $25! | Denim: American Eagle | Hat Missguided (love these here & here): | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Shoes: Chinese Laundry (now up to 70% off!)

Hey guys!

I wanted to talk a little about my favorite hats today and why you shouldn’t care what others think about you wearing them. I had always been mortified of the way I look in hats (especially floppy hats!) until this past season. I went on a buying trip for work and we visited a hat shop and I literally fell in love. It’s like a light bulb went off and I decided to try a floppy hat for the first time. Now, granted, I have wore fedoras and panama hats in the past but I still have never been 100% crazy about the way I look in them. However, this past season I made a promise to myself that I’d step outside of the box and I’m so glad I did. I received so many compliments on this burgundy one that I decided to buy one in tan and one in red. I may even buy a teal version for this spring! Who knows? I’m officially hooked and don’t care what anyone thinks about it! Now I’m on to the next venture and wondering what it’ll be. What’s the ultimate accessory that you just haven’t nailed down quite yet?

PS: Stay tuned for an amazing giveaway this week over on my Instagram (@SecretiveStyle).



Going Through the Changes


Outfit: | Tulip Back Woven Top via Forever21 (UNDER $15!) Jacket via 12East, similar here & here | Denim via ShopTiques | Necklace via Kendra Scott

As you can imagine (and if you’re a mom, you’ve been told many times over) that life changes SO much when you have a child. It’s not just your body, it’s everything else: your time, your patience, your understanding of other moms and their inability to make things happen as scheduled, your ability to keep a clean house, your ability to put yourself together everyday, your workout routine (or lack thereof), your sleep, your wardrobe, the look of your car, your nights out…anything I’m missing? haha. But really, everything changes. And, while this seems like it maybe be overwhelming, it’s not. While you’re now reconsidering ever giving birth, don’t doubt it. It changes the best way possible. I’ve never had so much patience in my life and now find myself wondering what everyone is getting so worked up over on day to day demises. Are things really so impossible? The “omgahhh I drank too much last night” all sounds so ridiculous now. And while I’m certainly not downing all of those non-moms and single women (because TRUST was me.), I’m just saying it’s off my radar now. All of the drama, the fuss, the “why didn’t you call me?!”..well I’ve just got no time for that at all.

All the times in college I complained because I “worked soooo much” when I worked half of what I have since then and the times I “couldn’t go out” seem ridiculous now that I’m a mom. Now, I’m not saying I don’t complain now but I have worked more in my life since college than ever before. I’ve pushed myself harder than I’ve ever thought…but never quite as much as since I’ve had Grayson. And I’m definitely not saying my husband and I don’t still go out for a drink and to have a good time but you won’t see me complaining about any of it and I won’t take it for granted. I won’t take any of this for granted – this sweet baby and this life God has given us.

I recently left a job I’ve held near and dear to my heart for a few years now and it weighed on me for a while but seeing Grayson smile everyday and witnessing his little milestones has never felt more accomplishing. I learned so much from that opportunity that I’ll be forever grateful for – things that I can take with me in whatever path I choose. While I have no plans to be a stay at home mom, I do want to sit back, relax, and enjoy these early months of my baby boy’s life because I’ll never get them back. While I can be upset that I haven’t quite gotten back into my workout routine and I haven’t quite nailed down this dream of mine I’m working on, I can be thankful that I am able to enjoy these moments because I haven’t been out of a job since I was 16 (that’s 10 years! I’m getting old..)

I’ve never regretted any of my jobs because I have learned so much from them. If I have learned anything worth sharing, it’s that the job is never worth the life sacrifice. No job is ever worth putting your personal life on hold. I’ve learned to put down the phone, stop emailing, and take in the moments that I’ll actually remember. No money will ever be enough. When is your life worth more than the money you make? For me, Grayson is worth sacrificing the extra money. That jacket or handbag can wait.

This year, my resolution is simple: to take it all in. I plan on fulfilling a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl (more to come on that later!), enjoying our move to Lafayette, getting back into pre-baby shape, but most importantly…spending QT time with my sweet husband and baby boy and our families. And I promise, I won’t take this for granted and I sure as hell won’t regret it. I encourage you all to do the same.