Why did you start SecretiveStyle?

I started SecretiveStyle because I love fashion. The name secretive came from the fact that I (kind of) kept my dreams to myself for a while and style is, well, self-explanatory. I’m way more open with it now! I wanted to start a website for my future as well as a creative outlet for all things loveable: clothing, beauty, and my life!

How do I find an item you have posted?

You can find all items I have written articles on by clicking the links below the photos.

What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Canon T3 Rebel for all of my photos. Best Buy has pretty amazing sales.

Who takes your personal photos?

Whoever is around: my husband, friends, mother, etc. I also recently bought a tripod for my iPhone from Walmart for $14.99! It’s pretty nifty.

Do you accept collaborations, samples, and/or giveaway items?

Absolutely! However, I review them on a case by case basis. If the item does not fit the audience that I am trying to reach, I will not accept it. Feel free to email me at secretivestyleblog@gmail.com to further inquire.

Hmm, my comment was deleted. What’s up?

If your comment included a link to your site or explicit language, it is considered spam. All spam is automatically deleted. This includes my Facebook page! If you commented without doing these things and your comment was still deleted, feel free to contact me. We can figure out what the problem is together!

I wanted to buy an item from an outfit post but the item is sold out. Can you help me find another?

I’d love to! Simply email me at secretivestyleblog (at) gmail (dot) com or tweet me @SecretiveStyle with the item you are loving and I can quickly find another. It usually doesn’t take but a few minutes for me to do so.

I’m a style blogger and I’m finding some things rather difficult. Can I email you for help?

Absolutely! Please feel free to drop me a line using that little Contact tab at the top of the page.

Have a question you’d like added or answered? Feel free to email me: secretivestyleblog@gmail.com.

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